Goodbye to 2015 and say hello to 2016. It is hard for me to grasp the fact that it has now been 18 years I have had a privilege to fish with so many great people.  I have meet some of the greatest individuals from all over the world. Yes, I said world! It is hard to believe.  I want to say a Big, Thanks you for letting me be your Guide.
I hope that 2016 will open up a few new options that I haven't benefitted from previously.  I am looking at some new water, and  I will keep you posted on the progress. 
I have made myself a promise to update this site on a monthly basis. If something changes during that 
I will make adjustments as needed. I know that most anglers planning on making a summer trip will have their trips and guides booked by the end of March.

If you are looking to come to East Tennessee and want to know what to expect on a monthly basis, hopefully this can help you in your plans:

January-- Blue wings are usually out this time of year. A variety of nymphs and midges are a must. The Browns are spawning at this time and if you enjoy throwing streamers, you can have have some fun that way.

February-- Almost a carbon copy of January, except the 2 spawning areas are open on the 1st. This can be some awesome fishing to some fish that have been left alone for 3 months.

March-April-- Transition months for insects and water. You will start seeing some Sulphurs start to pop up all up and down the South Holston, and the upper Watauga starts to really come alive. April is THE month for the Black Caddis hatch on the Watauga.  As a rule, you can plan on the 10th-25th for these huge insects. I like to start watching the Caney Fork River this time of year. It really starts getting fired up in mid-March and into April. 
This time of year water release can be a problem, depending on rain. We get a "predicted" water flow schedule everyday around5pm for following day.

May--September- Dry Flies are usually on the both the South Holston and Watauga during these months. This time of year I love 1/2 day trips and just look for rising fish. Lots-O-fun! If you ate a nymph or Streamer pitcher, don't worry, these are also good. 
If water flow is good, the Caney fishes great during these months. The fish are plentifully and active.

October-- As  rule, fish love October. We are at the end of our Sulphur hatch and the Blue-Wings are having their coming out party. Fish are getting ready for the winter-fall transition and also for the spawn. I do a lot of Streamers in both the South Holston and Watauga during this month. I have had some great times on the Caney during October.

November--December- Spawning sections close November 1st on the South Holston. The river still has plenty of water to fish. Don't  stay home. Fish are active, especially the Rainbows.  They want to eat the spawn of the Browns. The Watauga is wide open from top to bottom. If there is no generation, there is plenty of access on both rivers to wade. BWO's are hatching on both of our local Tail waters, midges, scuds, sow-bugs, and egg patterns are all effective. I still like streamers for this time of year. Buggers are our friend.


A few years ago I had one of my best months ever, guiding on the Caney Fork. All of the fish were in great shape and the action was outstanding.  I know this doesn't happen every year but if the water flow is good, this can be some amazing fishing.

If you are interested in booking a trip, you can call, text, or email. I have all of my prices for your convenience. I ash for a 50% deposit to secure you day. If there is a problem on that day, you have a year to reschedule. I take Cash, check, and credit card. (a small fee may apply on credit card.)

If you have special issues or need a special diet, please specify at time of booking.

You will need to purchase your own fishing license.  You will need an all species, this covers your Trout Spamp. A 4 day permit is available.

For a list of what you need, contact me. If you would like, I will furnish all equipment at no charge to you. 
As a note: all of my trips are Float trips. 
You will spend your day in a well equipped Hyde XL drift boat with plenty of room and Dry storage.

I want to make your experience a great experience that you will tell others about.

If you need lodging, I can help. I get great motel rates at the Slep Inn Suits, in Johnson City, or I have a list of some great lodges on the rivers.

God Bless
Mike Adams

Matthew 4:18-19



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